Friday, July 28, 2006

Within a year?

Hrm. I might accept that. I'd like to think of myself as ready for love (or at least extreme like) again, but with my upcoming schedule, it wouldnt be fair to one. Unless he was willing to put up with someone he knows likes him and only him, who can give him the security of being loved (albeit from afar) and the space cause she's got other things to do. If he's secure enough to handle that, and still be supportive, send him my way.

And I do leave the house. Just not often. And internet dating is interesting, but scary. Very scary still. Not really any different from a blind date or a personals ad, but I don't think I'll need that. I'm sure I'll be just fine. Just need to get some stuff done first.


You'll Find a Boyfriend Within a Year

Either you're not ready for a relationship...
Or you're not quite ready to leave the house
You can't meet a guy from your couch
So at least consider meeting one from your computer!

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