Sunday, September 21, 2008

shows shows and more shows

what would i do without raymond?
my shows are over. thank goodness.
now i can redirect my focus on work. and all the work (and no pay) that goes with it.


what else...

I got precast as amneris.


Raymond totally took it from me, cause he's all "you're not challenging yourself."

he's right. i'm not. i dont have the time to atm. right now i just need easy fluff that keeps me in the picture and in people's minds and onstage.

so there.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still alive.

Alot has been going on.
There are things happening I'd love to share here, but can't.

There are opinions I have regarding current state of affairs I'd love to share, but can't.

There are major stressors in life I'd kill to express but can't.

All I can say is I'm still here. Still alive.

Kicking; for I have no choice.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing I complain about is really all that bad. Stressful, yes indeedy, but nothing's majorly bad. Maybe a heartbreak that won't go away (believe me, I've tried) but in all, nothing really to report.

If you called me on a regular basis, you'd already know anyway. :P

In the end, for some reason, I can't escape the feeling that if only I marry a Scotsman, all would be fine.

What is that?