Sunday, January 29, 2006


dear coolest medieval and renaissance brittish literature professor:

Yes, they pertain to the class, yes, they're chock full of information, and soud bytes of what ye olde english sounded like, but they're messing with my downtime.

I mean, I finally get the hang of one assignment, and there's another email in my inbox from you telling me to "check out this" for supplemental material, or "read that" for more background.

Stop it, I say!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

this is the dog that chased the cat that ate the mouse...

So, I'm at work, and I'm trying to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to do for class. I'm still miffed that I have supplemental material that's supposed to help me with my three page assignment that's due on tuesday, and that I need a mythology book, a latin book, and a french-english/english-french dictionary to complete the secondary assignment which helps us firure out the primary assignment that's due on wednesday.

I also still have no idea where my tuesday night class is.

Finally talked to cuteguy on the phone. That was nice.

Mom's bday went well. We watched Bride & Prejudice, and it was funny, although I (as usual) found parts funny that I don't think I was intended to, but anyways I guess the moral of the story is "No Life Without Wife".

So the kid mom tutors won a bookmark contest... let me rephrase that. A kid my mom tutors goes to a school where they have a bookmark contest. I drew the bookmark for him. He colored it in. His name is on it, so he won. But I WON. So, after years of doodling, I AM AN AWARD WINNING ILLUSTRATOR, DAMNIT! My bookmark poster will be turned into a bookmark for bookworms generations to come.


Then I felt really guilty, cause I remember when Cire Doowllams told me he hated that I always won back in high school...


Cire and I have been going to the same schools since 2nd grade. Elementary school, Middle School & High School. Now, in Elementary school, they used to have these contests all the time, where we'd make posters. Cire would do these elaborate ink drawings of centaurs and men with horns and blood, which were always too good for words. I would (or rather my mom would basically pull a Mr. Porter on me, and do the assignment which she insisted I botched while I would give up & go to sleep) end up with a world peace poster that would win.

Cire hated me.

Rather, he hated that my world peace, diversity-centric color pencil creations always won.

So, remembering this, I called him when I found out that I won the prize (which I was sad about and proud of, since I proved to myself that I could actually draw) & told him about it. Then he called me evil for never admitting it before.

We're going out soon for a round of drinks.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

so much happened today

me: this is the first class i've ever had, where i need loads of extra curricular reading in order to simply understand and comprehend the suggested reading material in order to perform the homework
The Besu: welcome to my life
The Besu: i read a bunch of math stuff to actually do the work i do now
The Besu: outside of the text that is
The Besu: good luck with all the studying
me: thanks, i've got my edith hamilton, my french-english dictionary and my latin book
The Besu: you forgot something i think
m: oh, and my condensed oxford english dictionary
The Besu: and...?
The Besu: DASZ KNOOTS!!!!
me: oh yeah, my german-english dictionary

Freestyler: goodnight beautiful
me: night, knight
Freestyler: you know, you probably get complimented so much that my words are just random molecules in your air.

**I WISH**

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Indeed, thine are

So much happened today with my first day of class, but I can't write it all here now cause i'm about to go to sleep... but i thought i'd share what the day ended with.

A moment of craziness with TheBesu revealed:

midieval dirty talk:
thou enjoyest thine art as a harlot, dost thy not?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beware when you leave the house... you might actually meet people

Basically, I got roped into going to the DC center like I said yesterday. I liked it, I saw some folks, I even saw one of the folks I went to Haifa with. She goes to GW now, and she's going to go to NEBY with us. Weird. SMAAAAALL world.

So, we all went to lunch.

ALSO, she informed me that one of the guys we went to lunch with was the "cousin" (meaning may as well be, but no actual relation) of another one of the Haifa pilgrims, whom we were very close with.


So, we had ethiopian for lunch, well, Irritrian (can I say that's close enough? I don't know enough about the culture to determine that) and I actually liked it. I figured out what my problem was with it before. I went to a friend of mine's Ethiopian wedding, and I distinctly remember disliking the food. Specifically the bread. Now, when it came to eat, they handed out rolls of the bread I was prepared to not like again. And I did indeed, not enjoy the bread.

On it's own.

The secret is in the way you eat the bread. On it's own, I don't much care for it, or at least it's an acquired taste, acquired by the folks who developed it and passed it on to future generations. BUT, when coupled with any of the sides on the platter, it was GOOD, and the very taste I wasn't used to provided a nice balance, and sometimes even a complement to the dishes I was scooping.

Can I say that the Lamb was "da bomb diggity".

That was good. I didn't care for anything else (well, I didn't even try much else) but the spinach and the Lamb.


And it wasn't as spicy as I was preparing myself for, considering the jalapeno peppers jutting out everywhere.

On a separate note, my room's all booked up for NEBY!


AND my theatrical presentation got picked up by the DC Assembly. They want me to come in & give my theatrical workshop. I'm so stoked!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

when coincidences attack

So I was talking (via aim, how else?) to DateFinder (who needs a new name, I think he's outgrowing that one... yay!), and he asked me how I handle social situations. So I told him that if I know people there, I engage in conversations, and if I know no one, it helps to know a little about everything, so that I can carry my own weight in an intelligent conversation should the occasion ever arise.

Then, something tickled my curiosity for a completely different reason, and being the Taurus/Geminii Cusp child that I am, I checked both horoscopes. I like checking them at the end of the day for validity purposes.

Anyways, here's the Gemini one for today:

"If anyone can mingle, it's you. You can chat with anyone about anything, mostly because you know just enough about almost anything to carry on a convincing conversation. You'll be especially believable now, so if you're out with friends and you know that the person you've been introduced to thinks that you're a doctor, a scientist or an author because of the vocabulary you're flinging around, have some fun with it -- temporarily. Ever hear of 'Six Degrees of Separation?'"

Now, a friend of mine from Ohio is in town this weekend, and he's been trying to get me to go to the DC Center on Sundays, since he goes when he's here, but I never go because it has too much history for me. But, today I decided to go tomorrow, since I hardly ever get out the house & do anything like that. I figured, I'd meet new people, which is always good, get out the house (even better), see & catch up with him... so okay. I bit the bullet & agreed to go. He kinda roped me into it, but that's okay. The Gemini horoscope said:

"Go ahead and accept a dare. Your impatience with all this endless conjecture leads you to strike out on your own and actually put your money where your mouth is. Your results will be spectacular."

So I'm going to have a good tomorrow.

The Taurus horoscope said:

"If you're single, you're due for quite the bumpy ride, as Bette Davis once said. The last person on earth you'd ever have expected to reveal secret feelings to you will be the first one who'll do it. Of course, you've been trying to tell yourself that those feelings you were having were wrong, but at this point, you need to buckle down and admit that it's true. But if you think about it, how could you possibly blame them?"

Who the heck has a crush on me? Especially who that I have a crush on back? I already buried my friendship with HeWhoShallRemainNamelessUntilIGetOverWhatHappened...

hrm. Unless FirstLove aims me & lays down the law, I'm stumped on that one.

It also said:

"Increase your exposure to art and you'll discover a pattern that reflects your life."

Now, I'm all for that!


Friday, January 20, 2006

why i love thebesu

Reason number 3456:

He has a distinct personality. I think the trouble with a lot of people is that they're becoming SO PC, and worrying SO much about offending people that they lose a sense of personality... the thing that sets them apart and distinguishes them from other people.

There's much to be said for tact. Anyone can say anything, it's just a matter of how you say it. And you ought to be able to discern the proper way of divulging your opinion in a variety of settings.

But to have your own opinions, and to not be afraid of sharing them (granted in a polite, or at least acceptable manner)...

That's gold!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

As promised

And now, as promised, what happened Wednesday night.

Nothing. Nothing at all. What did you think, that I'd have something juicy for you?

I went to help ParkPoliceMan with a project. Here's some background:

He asked me if i'd ever written a proposal, to which i said, "i'm an english major", to which he replied, "have you ever written a proposal?"


Then I launched into questions as to what type of proposal, who the audience was, etc. So he, wide eyed as if he'd never seen me before, says, "can you help me?" to which I respond "sure, but I won't write it for you" Then he got hungry, and left to get something to eat, during which time I started to write him an outline of his proposal, with blanks that he could fill in with information.

By the time he got back, I'd written the entire first page for him.

So of course I had to finish the whole thing, since there couldnt be a break in style. We made an appointment for wednesday (the only day our conflicting schedules had free for months) and he promised to buy me pants as payment.

FFWD to tonight, and I wrote it, at least a bigger chunk of it, and then went straight to Feast, where the stres of the workday, and running around to his house & trying to get home to pick up food for Feast and get there at a reasonable time wore me out so completely that I got such a headache I couldnt move. Really, it was scary.

But on the ParkPoliceMan note, nothing happened.

I'm still not sure if I should be happy about that, or not.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why I'll never be cool

me: what's the 713?
me: i dont understand the music these kids play these days
The Besu: 713?
me: that's what it said in the song
me: something about the seven one three
The Besu: that's a texas area code
me: oh
me: okay
The Besu: probably houston area, if it's in a rap song
me: is that where the deuce comes from?
me: i'm so lost
The Besu: that's what they call it down there
The Besu: throwin up deuces
The Besu: peace sign
me: right
me: okay
me: thank you
me: i mean, i knew i wasn't hip, but damn
me: i didn't know i was my mother

This used to make me hate her

Now, it just cracks me up.

I get home after an exhausting day, and take an hour-long nap. When I wake, I go for some Total. Grab a bowl, pour the flakes and... what's this? The Total has been MIXED with the cereal I WILL NOT TOUCH (some crap with clusters). I say, "what's this?" Mom replies, "it's the cereal", and she points to a random spot on the box like "see? that matte reflection of the light off the box is the cluster in your bowl!"

I fall for it not.

So I stand there, sifting through the entire box & taking all the clusters out. I know she's mad, but I'm not that dumb! I KNOW what total looks like. and it's not like it's all "new! with clusters!" on the box. Did she really think I wouldn't notice?

Then we eat dinner, and I finally turn to her & say, "I appreciate your attempt to mix the cereals, but I fixed it. It was cute, though."

I mean... come on.

At least she didn't deny it that time.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I spoke with ParkPoliceMan today.

it was most interesting.

Besides all the other frustrating things we said to each other... all the standard one-liners & misinterpretations...

there came a great silence.

I broke it when I asked him,

"Do you think I'm heartless?"

and he responded with "Do you think you're heartless", which I hated, and told him so. That sparked a senseless debate involving his unnecessary opinion that I wouldn't have asked if there wasn't some deeper meaning that reflected how I truly thought about myself, which I coldly retorted with a snipe to the effect of introducing the possibility that the remark was not how I saw myself in the least, but rather an observation of a third party, and I was seeking his opinion as to wether there was a personal trait that I was overlooking and ought to be made aware of, or if it was one person's misguided judgement and instead should be ignored.

To which he replied the wisest thing I've ever heard him say:

"You're not heartless. You're protecting yourself."

I asked him why it was that he should know me better than people who've known me for over ten years, and he replied simply "because I'm older."

I'm quite convinced that age hasn't a thing to do with it. I know people as old as he is if not older who still haven't got a clue about life or other people in it... yet here he is... making accurate observations.

That's why I trust him. Well, one of the reasons.

There's a second part to the story, but as it's rather a non-sequiter and hasn't much to do with this topic at all, I'll leave it until after wednesday night, when I see him again, and will have more to discuss regarding the second topic.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

and the funny thing is

It's been a long time.
I could catch you up, tell you all about how all a man has to say to me now is "I'm a scorpio", and my libido dies, or even tell you about how friendships die... but instead I'm going to share with you some good news.

After all the talk about leaving theater, after the huge uphill battle i've had to fight against my peers, both theatrically, and those trying to date me:

I've won.

I got straight A's this semester.
Isn't it funny... how eliminating all those things that I (other people were nice enough to keep their similar opinions to themselves) came to see as distractions resulted in my doing well.

Go fig.

So, all that talk about not dating anyone, and not doing any theater because I'm changing focus wasn't talk after all.

Who'dve thunk it?