Saturday, July 15, 2006

big boy

so there's a guy that works here
and he's HUGE
so huge that he's perpetually in a state of perspiration
now, he has a habit of taking the community keys
there's only one set
and it's on a lanyard
and instead of keeping them in his pocket, or RETURNING THEM like he's supposed to
he keeps them around his neck
and when i saw that
and the sweat rolling off of him
i just want to wash the keys
and not touch them

I mean, I think that's a little rude... Like you know you have a problem... you KNOW you have a problem because you have knee problems due to your weight. And I'm not being insensitive to that. What I dont understand is you, perspiring like someone turned on a sub-cutaneous sprinkler & walked away, and then using the ONLY SET OF KEYS as a headband.

That's gross.

I'm going to hell.


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