Wednesday, July 19, 2006

of course it is

lesson learned:
I'm the kind of person who has to talk out my problems. It helps when I talk it out with other people, cause sometimes they give me perspective on whatever it is I'm dealing with.

Anyways, the lesson begins when exbest came back into my life, and told me that he and his gf (who i used to be friends with until he told me she was spreading a rumor about me) broke up.

So I told my bf. Who then had lunch with the ex gf, and told her I told him.
Which brings back all these horrible memories I have of her/with her, along with the accusations which won't die & got resurrected by one of her friends in January. Anyways so now I'm bracing for the rumor of how happy i am that they broke up cause now i can make my move on him or something.

Which doesn't make me feel good because he and I have been talking about going to WVA to a cabin lately. Which isn't going to happen, but is a nice thought. Since he came back into my life immediately post-breakup which made me question how it was that he was magically free to be my friend again, and not only that but was so eager to hang out which is what I confided in my bf in the first place.

So, lesson learned #1:
Keep yer yap shut. Had I not spread the business in the first place, I wouldn't have to be worrying about all that.

There's no #2 lesson learned, it's number one as in PRIMO.

Sidebar: I'm glad GH brought the H back.

So yeah. Def. Keep yer yap shut.

The last time I did something selfless for her, I got burned, bad. I've had my guard up ever since when it comes to her, and I always will.


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