Saturday, July 08, 2006

the v is for victim

So I got into an accident in the rain that was my fault by law and not that much my fault by nature of the fact that the car in front of me slammed on her brakes in the middle of a storm and i slammed on mine & skidded into her.

We agreed to fix any damage to her car from the accident, and she mentioned she was in two prior hit & runs, thus saying "you are not getting away from me, i will not be taken advantage of again," which is fine and understandable. Doesn't make it right, but it's understandable.

We said we'd get her bumper (which has no external visible damage) fixed. She called and said she wanted it replaced, for 700$. In addition to that, she's like, "well, who is paying for the rental car while mine is in the shop?"

This is the point where we fully understand that she plans to milk this for what it's worth. Since we tried to handle it outside of the insurance company for fear of the rates being raised. But then mom says, "no insurance company would say to replace it with a new one. They'd say to get it fixed. The insurance company wouldnt let her get away with this much. But that's okay, she'll get hers one day."

And then I snapped. I'm tired of running and letting people run my life for fear of something else. I'd rather pay 100$ extra for the next 30 years than let this lady control my life for a bumper to a car that sustained NO obvious cosmetic damage when MY car's driver side bumper is all smushed in, my hood's lifting from air drag and my driver side headlight is about to cave inside the cavity. There's not even a scratch on her bumper, nor is there a paint mark. Yet, she's somehow justified in a brand new one, and probably wants to make me pay for whatever damage was sustained in her previous accidents. "Here's someone who doesnt want to go through the insurance company. she must be hiding something, so I'll get what I want."


You had a chance to be a decent human being. just get it fixed, and go on about your life. But you want me to pay for a new one, and for the rental car while it's in the shop, and for your pain and suffering since you decided to take off work the next day over a fender bender that busted me up more than it did you.


Now, you get nothing. I said, "well, if the insurance company won't let her do it, go through the insurance company then." She had her chance. She wanted everything, and now she get's nothing. They'll fix, and not replace, and give her 80% of a rental car through the process. So my rate will go up. I didn't have to have her call me every hour with a new demand. And then she's like her bumper is completely smashed in. No, it's not, never was, and I've got the pictures to prove it.

I'm sick of sitting down and letting people friggin take advantage of me.
Everytime something bothers me, I sit there and I take it.

So it felt really good saying I'm not going to let someone get away with stressing me out just to save a few hundred dollars. I'm tired of living in fear of what other people are going to do, or say.

Ironic, huh? I'm the girl people think couldnt care a flying f*ck about other people, who does what she wants, etc, the strong one, etc... Funny, huh? I'm the scared one who says and does nothing for fear of rocking the status quo.

I used to be so different.

Not anymore.

I want the V to go from Victim to Victory, and I'm gonna do it, damnit.


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