Sunday, July 02, 2006

compliments, cherries, superman & the fourth of july

so I'm hoarse with the bronchitis friday... my voice takes a while to start up, but once it gets going it's fine... and I call the choir director to 1. ask him if he's free July 09 and if he'll read the Tablet of Visitation at the Martyrdom of The Bab comemoration at our house if he is, and 2. tell him I've got the bronchitis & see if he still needs me to come to practice.

and he says "banafsheh, stay home! you are the exception to all the rules I put in the choir. You don't ever have to reaudition to get in and you'll catch up in five minutes. I'm not worried about you."

That made me feel good.

What I picked today. We went cherry picking, and when I wasn't cherry picking, I was sleeping, cause it took alot out of me. I liked it though, it's also the first time ever in my life I've felt safe on ladders. AND, we found out that mom doesn't have the cherry picking gene. I do. All her cherries sucked, but I kept finding all the good ones. YAY! I've found my calling, I'm gonna go be a migrant worker now. I'll be buff and tan, and I'll learn to spit.


I'm going to see it at some point tonight. I miss my friends. I'm glad StepRapper & I reconnected, and that he didnt choose sides during the whole uncomfortable email thing. I'm glad I can count on him as a friend. I'm just glad he's there to push me to be the kickass person I used to be instead of letting me do my current bit of wallowing in self pity. He keeps asking me questions like "so how are you and OhioH doing?" which keeps throwing me off cause... aren't those questions reserved for people in relationships who just had a big fight or something? Isn't that when you ask that? But I guess he's just trying to trick me into admitting I like the guy. Which I might. Whatever, I'm not falling for your tricks! I am a rock! I am an island!

The fourth of July:
I'm bored to death being stuck in the house, I didn't get to wear a bathing suit all summer, I'm not going to have the opportunity to do anything for the entire month of July and it hasnt even started yet, and DAMNIT GET ME OUT THE HOUSE. I already got over my fear of showing up to work tanned because 1. i got one cherry picking and 2. it's the fourth of july. if you REALLY expected me to be in the house... damn you for being insensitive. So I'm thinking day trip to a nearby beach. I get to wear a bathing suit, we'll have fireworks, and I'll see friends... at least whoever was free that day. And I'll lay in the sun and soak. up. the. rays.


We'll see what happens. I have options at this point, but as we all know by now, if banafsheh planned it, it's not gonna happen. Maybe this is why people keep trying to get me to be spontaneous... But I just... can't. Beach day trip is a sspontaneous as I can get and that's two days away. Work with me. I'm giving what I've got.


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