Monday, July 03, 2006

smashing my head in the fridge

one of, if not *the* singular most important thing (s) has to be:

lack of it is one of the things that broke my parents up
lack of it is what broke me and 1stlove up
lack of it is BAD...

so we're moving the new fridge downstairs and we're trying to set it up and it's inches away from the wall... so since i'm the smallest i have to go fix something in the back so mom tilts it up, and then i go behind it and then it starts moving.

this is a time for communication

so i rush out all freaked, cause I didnt know what was going on and she's like "well, i can't hold it forever" and i'm like "a heads up would be nice!"
So I almost had my head smashed between the wall and the fridge three times. And Each time could completely have been avoidable, had someone spoken up.

and then it's not even... the floor isnt even so it's lopsided and we (I) go to put a plank under the fridge... this I find out after she goes "one, two" and starts to lift the fridge... and i'm like what are you doing and THEN she tells me the plan.

Don't arbitrarily start counting while lifting heavy stuff and NOT tell me I'm supposed to do something. If you do, you're not allowed to be pissed when I forget to read your mind and prepare.

In other news, there's a hornet's nest or some other such insect outside. I dont know which insect, cause I didn't see them, and I cant much tell the difference anyway. So mom comes in looking for spray, which we don't have and grabs:


so i ask her what that's gonna do, and she's like "i'll kill them from the fumes."
Yes. Because glucose polysaccharides are exactly what repels insects. No insects at all are interested in SUGAR. So I hand her some forest bug spray & tell her to try that. How do you get rid of a nest?



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