Thursday, July 27, 2006

stop encouraging me!

so my boss & my coworkeer want me to wear the va-voom killer dress instead of the hotmama dress to the wedding. Now I think that's just mean. And THEN, yesterday, one of the ladies in my comunity gave my black lace you know whats to wear to the wedding. Mom & I fell out, because she gave one pair to mom, and the other pair to me and was like "you're both single women! dont people find others at weddings?? go! have fun!"

We're still in shock. It's like the equivalent of your great-gram mgiving you a thong or a condom or something & saying "have fun!" Like anyone's gonna see that! But she's like YOU know it's there and I'm still about to die.

It's like people WANT me to be the bad girl. I'm NOT the bad girl! I'm the one that everyone expects to be a lil bit naughty. But I'm only that way with people I LIKE... like my bfs or whatever, that's not for the general public! Omg.

Still about to die. And still mad at the boss & my lil bro for wanting me wo go va-voom.

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