Tuesday, July 11, 2006

oh, so now we're friends again?

old best friend is talking to me again...
I still haven't forgiven him in a way, so there's this space... but still, he's telling me about how he and the female exbestfriend are on a break now, and i'm like... are you only talking to me because you're allowed to now that you're not seeing her?

now he's got jury duty and stuff, and i'm telling him the ins & outs of where to park so he wont get a ticket and he's like, "let's do lunch, i miss hanging out with you."

That has such a great capacity to piss me off, and I'm really fighting it. I mean, you can only be friends with one of us at a time? Granted, she hates me, so he made the right choice, but... Don't be all "i miss you!" when it's really "hey! i can hang out with you again!"


either way, I'm keeping my distance. I'm still not really over it.

it's like he's liberated & he wants things to go back to the way they were.

Well I haven't cooked for a man in a long time.
And I may still not cook for a man.


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