Wednesday, July 26, 2006

shopping, invites, spending money, and the stuff you know what i mean

shopping & spending money:
I dropped 75$ in one place yesterday.
BUT, lemme tell you what I got for that 75$:
a. 5 pairs of shoes, 3 for mom, 1 gorgeous pair of boots with tread (just the way I like them) and another pair of heels for work
b. a *gorgeous* light cream/peach number that's PERFECT for a jazz character, or a 50's dinner party. All I have to do is shorten the straps.
c. an "if dresses could kill" dress. If they're gonna hate me at the wedding in the short brown number, they'll want to kill me in this dress... It's black satin, with a thigh high slit, and a strappy back that you have to get woven into to hold th esides together. I've never seen anything like it, and when I put it on, I felt like I was a femme fatale in a Bond flick. Huh, got the bond-girl bathing suit, now I've got the femme fatale evening dress... Is life trying to tell me something? Eat your heart out, world. I'm telling you, it's like it was *made* for me, even down to the nonexistent cleavage. So I own it, have no reason to wear it, and will most likely never wear it outside of my house. But I'm going to put it on right after I finish this blog & feel GOOOOOOOOD.
d. A new pair of grey pants (because apparently I can never have enough, but they're dark grey (new move for me) and they're L.E.I., which everyone (mom) has caught on that I love)
e. a solid red sheath dress that's good for work
f. cup insterts to sew into the hot mama dress
g. this dress is funky and kinda hard to describe. it's black with orangish print flowers on it, comes to my thigh, deep cut wrap front... and... it's got long sleeves that split at the shoulder and rejoin at the cuff. Okay, maybe it wasn't that hard to explain. It would look really cute with thigh high boots. Don't have any, but I know where the pair I want is on the internet. Now, if I can just convince myself to spend 50$ on boots...
h. a cream, off-white summery, flowery dress. It's cute. red & peach flowers, green leaves, teeny red lace trim. cute. not me, but a nice summery, colorful change. One can't be goth year-round, and now that I've discovered the sun, I kinda like it. Plus, I like updating my wardrobe on occasion with fresh stuff. Especially fresh stuff that only cost me 3$.
i. a new total me shirt. it's sleeveless, stretchy, black with purple and cream stripy print... and it has the stringy things that come out from the shoulder. Can't say for sure how annoying those will get, but it's total me as I can just throw it on top of basic black pants for a look thats instantly pulled together & go. No wondering about shoes or accessories. Perfect. Basic clubwear backup too. I'm tired of wearing the same stuff. Everyone's seen my clubwear. I have three shirts I alternate between, and I'm pretty sure I've been photographed in all three now, so I need new stuff.
j. a lace square mom wanted for under the picture of Abdul-Baha
k. a square of some fabric mom wanted for some reason known to her and not me.

Sidebar: I just put on the dress. I feel like all the lights went out, I'm a lounge singer, there's a piano calling for me to lay on it & sing "Sooner or Later." If you have no idea what song that is, rent Dick Tracy. OOOh, forgot to tell you. It has a train, too. Not too long, but at first I thought it was trailing on the ground because I was short and had no heels on in the fitting room, but the front's fine. It's got a train. *sigh*.

So I kinda got a taste of what the phrase "retail therapy" means. Only, I think the people who suffer the most from that affliction are those who drop 200$ and walk out with only one item of clothing, so I'm good. Besides, I only go crazy shopping once a year or every 6 months, and if I need something, I usually go in for that one item & walk out with that one item, so I'm good. Plus, I have a rule where I get rid of something for ever article I purchase new (unless it's a costume, which the peachy 50's dress is).

Got invited to go out friday night. I think hell has frozen over, but now I have clothes to wear out, so we'll see. then today GetontheBus asked me to go out friday, so we'll see.

The stuff you wanted to know about:
Day one: Was nervous, he said I did good, so I'm good.
Day two: Surreal. Just... surreal.

And yes, I'm still wearing the dress.

Oh, there's quotes of the day too, but they're about spermbanks and they're too funny to put here. But they were funny.


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