Tuesday, June 14, 2005

things men say

Okay... last night I was talking to a new friend of mine and he said that he'd never met anyone like me before.

Is that a line?

I asked my best friend if I was unique, and he said he's never met anyone on my same realm before, let alone like me.

Aside from the immediate surge of flattery that ensues from hearing one has an entire realm to oneself, there immediately follows a sense of lonliness. If I have my own realm, no one can share it with me.

Then, it makes me feel like only a special kind of man can share my world with me. Really, my best friend does wonders for my self esteem. He's the first to tell me when men don't deserve me, as I am the first to tell him when people in his life aren't treating him with the respect he deserves.

So back to my realm, I really feel like whoever I end up with has to have presence, a strong sense of self, love for me and humanity, a desire to serve the world, a love (or at least respect) for the arts, a good work ethic, and a strong sense of spirituality. Maybe that's why it's so hard for me to find a guy. Cause he has to have his own realm too. Then our relationship will be like a Venn Diagram.

At this particular moment, the most important things to me in the relationship are spirituality and attractiveness. In any order, one will get my attention, the other will carry it the rest of the way.

I like having my own realm. Now, all I want is someone to inhabit a piece of it with.


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