Thursday, June 30, 2005

just put down the oreos, and no one will get hurt

I have to stop eating.

I know what some of you are thinking, "you eat?".

Har har.

What I mean is that yesterday I picked up this nasty habit that I continued today.

I have developed hand to mouth syndrome. Luckily, I've caught myself in the early stages, so there's still hope. Yesterday, I ate gummi bears while sitting down. Today, having had no breakfast, I ate the remaining gummi bears, as well as some wheat thins and some apple cranberry juice. Then throughout the day I was ripping chunks off of the hardened blob of gummi bears that had melted from being in the car, and re-gelled. Just now, I ripped open a small box of cheez its. I had to put the box away, cause I started to notice that I was in the early stages of hand to mouth syndrome.

Help me. I don't wanna get fat! I was just starting to like my figure. One time, in rehearsal, Luis pulled up his shirt to show off his "pack". So I got bold and was like, "what are you showing off for? That's nothing!" so I lifted mine up to show off my stomach. So there.

I can't jeopardize my ab reputation now. I can't get all flabby.
I'm just getting back into my clothes!

b, who REALLY wants doublestuff oreos...

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