Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dating is like a library

Datefinder: maybe I just want one
me: want one what
Datefinder: the one
Datefinder: which is no diff
me: look
Datefinder: (I've got the mental image of you loading a shotgun)
me: if you're looking to walk down the street, turn the corner & smack into the person you'll spend the rest of your life with, become an actor & do a romantic comedy
me: the reality is, dating is process of elimination
me: it's like going to the library
me: you can like ALL the books, or maybe just science fiction
me: but if you like science fiction, you're not going to stay in the biography section
me: & waste your time
me: but you have to read the books in the section you like to find your favorite
Datefinder: ok
Datefinder: true enough
me: the mailman is not going to knock on your door & say, this is it, man!
Datefinder: ok,
Datefinder: now what does it mean
Datefinder: when
Datefinder: I only get a crush once every 4 years?
me: either you're highly selective
me: or you dont get out enough

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