Thursday, June 30, 2005

If it ain't broke...

I think it's not broken after all. It worked today, at the Staples. I was buying a headset with a mic, and this sales guy wouldn't leave me alone. I'm staring at the different types of headsets, and he's all, "do you know what you want?"
"yes, I kow what I want, I just don't know which one I want yet."
He leaves, and then 20 seconds comes back with "are you SURE you know what you want?"
And I'm thinking, "would I be looking at the backs of these packages & comparing prices if I didn't?" but I said, "Yes, I'm sure, I want a headset. I'm just picking which one. Thank you."

He follows up with this gem:

"You have the smallest feet I've ever seen! What size do you wear?"


So I told him, and he left. JE-SUS!

Then as I'm checking out, he comes up & as he walks to the counter to stand behind the check out girl & gawk at me, "I wish I could call you".

I did like I do all of that gibberish: ignore him.

To his credit, he didn't repeat himself. I mean, WTF?!

He couldn't see my feet because my pants were too long & covered them up. Plus, I was wearing 3" heels, so of course they look small.

I want the guy who would walk up to me and say, "you know, I have this great tailor..."

So anyways, I know it's not broken. It just works when I don't want it to. So I have no control over it. I'll work on that.

Either that, or it only works in Oxon Hill...

That thought makes me cringe.


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