Sunday, June 19, 2005

someone to watch over me

I want to tell a story, but I can't cause it's incriminating.
So I'll just say this.

My best friend has found a girl. And I know he's serious about her because if he wasn't, he wouldnt have told me.

I'm excited for him, cause he deserves the best. He really deserves a girl who can be everything he needs.

I'm sad for me because my support stucture will be busy supporting someone else, but that's what happens.

Now for the incriminating story which I can't tell... all I can say is that I realized that I missed someone today. And driving home, the only thing on my mind was getting home to talk to him, since I havent in two days.

Jesus, what's wrong with me?


ps, about my last post, with the date, turns out there is nothing to worry about. He doesn't have my phone number, so he has no way of contacting me. =D. I got all worked up over nothing. Thanks, Ric, for pointing that out! Besides, he didn't show up to his performance today, which is VERY unprofessional. So even if he WAS old enough, I wouldnt go out with him now, cause his work ethic sucks.

Besides, I like my reason to come home, anyways. =)

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QS said...

If your friend is really a friend, then you should technically feel free to open up to him and tell him how you feel. A true friend will still be there for you. HOWEVER, if you know that YOU will not be able to be comfortable with him after spilling your guts, then perhaps the tight-lipped solution is the best. I swear girl, we must be riding the same emotional rollercoaster...