Saturday, June 25, 2005

Park Police Man

I'm here, at work. There's a dance recital in the concert hall, with two shows at 3 and 6. There's a wedding reception going on in the multi-purpose room. Briscoe, as usual, is working the wedding reception. I see him, and ask, "What time does your gig start?" To which he replies:

"[Park Police Man] will be here today."

Oh, Briscoe! That's not what I asked you! I know you think Park Police Man and I are good together, I know you think we should go out, but all we'd do is bicker at each other. Who wants to bicker 24-7? The thing I like about Park Police Man is that we pick each other's brains. We're both witty, and we have great banter. The problem is, he and I have done the same dance for years. YEARS. It took what, five years of bickering to exchange numbers, another year of bickering to actually call, and now, we're still bickering.

Besides, he said once that he expects something in a relationship that I'm just not willing to dish out. Since then, I put him on my "he's cute, but we're not gonna go out" list.

He can work his way under my skin though. We do that to each other, push each other's buttons. I think we tickle Briscoe when we do that. But I dont think he realizes that when Park Police Man & I do that, that we've moved into serious, and we aren't playing anymore.

Up until last year, Park Police Man was my safe flirt buddy. I saw him maybe once a month, for 4 hours, and we'd catch up, and he'd put down whatever boyfriend I had at the time, then we'd fight, and part completely exasperated. Then we'd do it all over again the next time we saw each other. Now... something's changed, and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe he has a girlfriend now. I don't know. If he does, good for him. If it was me, we'd kill each other.

It's funny... the story of what made me call him in the first place... well, that's a story for another day...

So in the end, Briscoe, Park Police Man and I will never happen. Nice try, though.

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