Sunday, August 28, 2005

I am a Rock. I am an Island

me: otherwise, you're okay?
PianoMan: yes
PianoMan: thanks
PianoMan: and you?
me: no
me: but i will be
me: i'm an emotional wreck that doesnt believe in men anymore
PianoMan: then believe in women
me: tried
PianoMan: you have to pick one
me: i'm definetly a hetero
me: it's just
me: i think that the man that's out there for me isnt here
me: i may need to move to find him, or... better still, may never find him in this world
PianoMan: both are possible
PianoMan: but you have to believe in miracles
PianoMan: through prayer
me: *L*
PianoMan: i'm serious
me: i need to work on myself
PianoMan: maybe
PianoMan: you know better
me: i took this hiatus from men and dating in order to do just that
me: then i ended up almost falling for a guy
me: a frikkin gain
me: but i'm pulling out emotionally before i end up caring too much
PianoMan: i find being alone with oneself helps, to know yourself better
PianoMan: i'm far from it, but i'm working on it
PianoMan: it's going well though
me: =)
me: yeah
me: i just want to build a friend base
me: that's all
me: no intimacy
PianoMan: get involved with the community
PianoMan: service
me: yeah
me: you know, thanks
PianoMan: i'm just trying to give possible answers
me: thanks!
me: seriously, i'd forgotten that completely
PianoMan: try
me: i've just been wallowing in self pity
me: if i try an internet dating service... it'll be eharmony

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