Saturday, August 13, 2005

ParkPolice Man & other news

ParkPoliceMan will be here soon.
It was so cute, he called me to see if I was going to be here while he's working a gig, and I said I would not be, but I think we might actually be able to meet up for 15 minutes or so...

I told him I was hungry and that he should bring me lunch. Then he asked me if I was using him for money and i said "yes now are you bringing me lunch or not?"

He's never called to see if I was going to be here before. I wonder if he's feeling okay. Maybe he wants to tell me about his horse, since he's moving to the mounted police force... Maybe he wants to tell me all about his... shall we say... exploits...

Who knows. I'll send an update if it's good. Most likely he'll spend the entire 15 minutes trying to tell me about myself, or as he sees me. If he even comes within 15 minutes.

Anyways, I'm supposed to go see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory tonight with Kendric. I'm not entirely sure who all is going, or what time, or if we're even still going, but that was the plan.

Tomorrow, mom and I are going to the Native American Powwow at the MCI center. At least, that's the plan. Who knows these days, with these gas prices... Eh, well, that's why there's the Metro.

Yesterday, I helped TBF move... well, he says I helped, but I dont really think I did. Helping is when you move the boxes onto the Uhaul, or off of the Uhaul... I just helped him pack. Maybe I did help just a little, but it didnt feel like much. Then we discussed our wills. There are certain things I want when he dies, and there are things he can have if I die, only I forgot what I told him he could have. I'll prolly call him later so I can remember what it was. I know one was my THX-1138... but I think there was some more stuff. Oh well. I'll remember later.


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