Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Jolly Smile

So... today, I took my usual route, and there was a new guard who was trying to not let me in. Then another guard said, "no she's okay. it's okay. you just didn't recognize her because she wasn't smiling."

I thought that was nice.

Then, someone made an observation: "you've been jolly lately"
"yeah, you've been happy lately, what happened? You have a boyfriend or something?"
"uh, no, no boyfriend."
"oh, I thought you had a man or something, because you've been glowing"
"glowing?? OMG!" I had to laugh at that. Glowing. People, please. There are things I don't do. Glow and Blush are among them. Glowing is for pregnant people.

That was the second reference to a boyfriend today. The first one was when someone heard me answer the phone, "hi, honey". If you know me, you know I answer my phone in one of three ways "hi, honey," "hello?" and "this is banafsheh, how can I help you?"

Anyways, so this guy commented on the "hi honey" and was all, "who was that, your boyfriend?" and I had to say "i dont have a boyfriend." At least this guy was slick and found out that I was single the covert way. He's from... pakistan, i think. He's good people. I'll call him Frozen Justice, cause he's pretty chill. My friend has the hots for him. Either she has the hots for him, or she just thinks he's cute and likes flirting with him. Either way, I'm not really interested in him, although he at least manages to approach me in the right way. Covert. I like covert. The full frontal assaults don't really get me. Anyways, I respect this guy for how he managed to find out I don't have a boyfriend. Good job, Frozen Justice.


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