Monday, August 15, 2005

when molesters attack

okay so there's this guy, and i was stepping into an elevator. he asks me how old i am.
"damn, that's old." Now at this point, he's already lost my attention. Whatever compliment you *thought* you were giving me, you screwed it up completely.
"why, how old did you think i was?"

THANK GOD the doors closed before I had a chance to say something. I had to take a moment... I mean, I know I look young and all that, but do you realize you just put yourself out there as a pervert? So... you only talk to 17 year olds, you dirty scumbag? FREAKING PERVERT!

Now, everytime he sees me, he says "19, huh?" At least he finally settled on a legal age. I mean, GEEZ. It was getting gross for a while.

Seriously, do men listen to themselves? Do they understand how they make themselves look... like PERVERTS????

And then people wonder why women say they hate men.


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