Monday, August 15, 2005

Spirituality, Religion and My Body

No, this is not a pro-choice post.

I consider myself a Spiritual person. I'm not terribly religious, I'm not completely deepened in my Faith, but I am very Spiritual. I understand that there are two paths in this world, the physical, and the spiritual, and lately, I'm tried to turn from the physical and focus on the spiritual. I wasn't really getting anywhere when I wanted to live life my way, so I've handed the reins over, so to speak, and now I go on Faith.

That said, that does *not* mean that I am not tested to return to the dark side. I've been tested thoroughly today. It's funny. If I chose the physical path, I know of at least 3 people who would be ready and willing to jump my bones. And, if I was that kind of girl, I'd prolly have done that with all three of them by now.

But the reality is, I *choose* the Spiritual Path. I *choose* to supress those physical insincts in favor of the Higher Path that we all ultimately succumb to. But just because I choose to not "give in to temptation" does not mean that I am not just as tempted as the next person. It also doesnt give permission to other people to test me out. That's really cruel.

Lately, people have been pushing my buttons, actively trying to get me to change my mind about certain life choices I have made. I end up being caught somewhere in the middle... Yes, I like the attention, but no, I don't like the sexual nature of the attention. Hearing people just want to have sex with you gets old. What about the people who want to get to know me and care about me?

There must be a way to get nonsexual attention from men.


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