Saturday, August 13, 2005

the only exception

me: have you read the blog lately? i need your opinion
TheBesu: not in the past couple of days
me: k, when you read it, lemme know
TheBesu: ok, so my opinion about what?
me: am i insecure or not, or am i justified in saying this is a respect issue
TheBesu: it is, in marriage,yes
me: thank you. my point is specific to the marriage part, or heavy relationship period
TheBesu: there are only a couple of mitigating circumstances though
TheBesu: even a heavy relationship period is not a reason to be upset
me: i just think, when you're married, you're MARRIED, thats when you dont go to nudie bars anymore
TheBesu: right. true
me: that's all i'm saying
TheBesu: unless its a good friends b-day, in which case, i'd invite my wife
me: i love you, besu
TheBesu: if she didn't wanna go, too bad, cause im goin
me: that's fair
TheBesu: for example, my ex-gf got all insecure when i told her i was going
TheBesu: but it was my bro's 30th b-day
TheBesu: so i'm not going to refuse to go
TheBesu: plus, she was only a gf
TheBesu: most belief systems only condemn action within the sanctity of marriage
me: did you invite her, as specified by your earlier im?
TheBesu: she was in nj
TheBesu: not possible
me: all i'm saying is once you're married...
TheBesu: and my brothers both had their gf's
TheBesu: but yeah, marriage + no other circumstances = no strip club
The Besu: marriage + no other circumstances + strip club = disrespect
me: thank you.

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