Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i'm having twins

So... we pull into my driveway, and mom goes "what is THAT?!" at this tiny grey mass under a tree. Turns out, it's a baby bird. So I put it in a shoebox, and take it to PetSmart thinking "it's PetSmart. they'll know what to do!"

What I *should* have thought was, "Man, them bamas in Oxon Hill don't know sh*t. Lemme take this bird to Largo or Alexandria."

So... After getting to petsmart in Oxon Hill, I came right back home, where mom informed me there was another one under the tree.

So now there's two. Tentatively, their names are Pepper and Paprika. They're so young, they're just skin, shafts where the feathers should grow in, and beak. I should have named them Seymour and Audrey II, cause all they do is say "FEED ME"...

Anyways, I'm going to try to upload pics of them.

I'm also trying to contact Animal Rescue, or WildLife Societies... Mom said she called, but couldn't find anyone who wanted to take them.

After googling a combination of their features, I found out that Pepper and Paprika are two fledgling Mockingbirds.

The most interesting part to all of this is how Harley pays them no mind. We keep expecting him to go after them, but he doesn't. Last night, he just stared at the box where I've got them. He sleeps close to them, I dont know if he's guarding them for security or for himself to eat later on, like "hey humans, I've got dibs on that"

Who knows with Harley, anways.

Meanwhile, pepper and Paprika are driving mom insane. They're hungry, and when they're hungry, they chirp. I can't help that... When I feed them, they stop and go to sleep. So, I dont know what her issue is.

b, always a mother these days

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