Saturday, February 25, 2006


So one of the Karate guys comes in (the one who wants to "be friends- respecting all boundaries, of course") and yells at me for being MIA.

I reply "I'm glad, I don't want to be here"

He hits me with "I thought you loved being here"



I hit back with "well, I used to!"

Yeah, I used to. Before people started hitting on me & stuff.

You know, I don't mind being hit on. I think sone lines are funny. You can use any line, as long as you don't take yourself too seriously. But it's when people look at me with hunger in their eyes that makes me think "there is no way I'm going *anywhere* with you". I can't describe what I mean by "hunger" at the moment.

It just is.


Besu was mad at me one day for being "the girl who complains" as in "I hate it when pretty girls complain about guys liking them." It's not about guys liking us, though... it's about the KIND of guy that likes us, or the WAY they like us, or how they choose to SHOW they like us. I'm all for nice guys liking me. Sure. But perverts and guys who just want to "tap dat ass"... not a fan.

And guys who read the blog just so say "so, you've got guys trying to 'tap dat ass?'" UGH they irritate me! CM used to do that. I'd blog that I'm sick of guys trying to marry me or get me into a relationship and he'd im me with "so, guys are trying to get you in a relationship?" YES, dingbat. YOU were one of them!


Speaking of marriage,

I've officially reached the conclusion it's not happening for me. How & why did I reach this conclusion? You wouldnt understand. It's because I've been asked too many times. The last time I was asked, last monday, it was a joke, but still. I think I'm over getting married.


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Matt said...

People are trying to get you into a relationships? No way! Ok ok.. so I just met you and I was trying to get you to marry someone... I didn't really intend for anyone to take me THAT seriously. Perhaps my love of a funny story has clouded my judgement...

So baby... wanna go get some "hot wings" and "shake your tail feather"? Allrrriiighht... gigitty gigitty goo. :-)

Anyway... hope you're feelin better. Marriage is good... and you should marry who you want. If that happens to be the guy I thought of... awesome.. if not.. awesome... (or is it falic?) Nevermind.. doesn't matter anymore. lol