Thursday, February 16, 2006

the art of conversation

so that guy i mentioned before is cool.

i wrote him a haiku about how i noticed i hadn't sent him an email in a while.
he writes me back in haiku about trying to see how long we could go before we went crazy
i wrote him back in haiku something to the effect of "you're on"
he wrote me back in haiku something 4 stanzas deep about his car & the upcoming three-day weekend.

Smart Bastard. See, before it was one stanza haikus. Once I say "you're on," now he's got to break out with the entire emails in haiku. So I did what anyone would do.

Called him an overachiever. In haiku. And proceeded to write more stanzas in my email than he wrote in his. 'Cause that's what we do in the fourth grade.

Ever meet someone who is smarter than you are, and have it irritate you because then you have to step up your game? That's where I am with this guy. I enjoyed the privilege of being the smartest person in my social network (at work, I wouldn't dare claim that in my personal life), and then I meet and email this guy, who steps it up justenough that my first reaction is "that little f***er," which is immediately followed up with "now how am I going to top this?"

It's good. I haven't been this mentally stimulated since...


Well, damn.

Anyways, so ever since, all of our emails have been in Haiku. Surprisingly, the more I write them, the less I need to count the syllables (though I do anyway, just for confirmation). There's a distinct flow with haiku. And I also enjoy it because it's poetry. I get to excercise my writing muscle in a completely different fashion.

Poetry: the economy of speech.

We came up with that in Poetry class, and I've loved that sentence ever since.

So this guy is really keeping my brain ticking. Good. Next post, "in other news, your most recent TheBesu update!"

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