Saturday, February 04, 2006

are those needles hypodermic?

I had my first accupunture experience today.
The weird part is, they do this test at the beginning... you stick a finger at a time into this machine, kinda like getting fingerprinted (for those who have ever had the luxury). It examines your chi & draws a map of it.

The doctor took one look at my chi diagram & asked me if I'd had a head injury.
Was it on the right side?


Cool. So then he did the accupunture thing & some electrical current stuff.
I'll be on this bitter herbal tea for a while, but he says I've got some stuff that I'm not going to post on the web. You'll just have to ask me.

Then we went to Tower Records, where I proceeded to forget the reason why I was there so I left & went next door to Ross where I caught up with Mom & bought Short Circuit on DVD for 10$.

I'm going to NEBY next friday, if I haven't mentioned it already, and I got some stuff to make a display. I'm freaked. I'm revealling my new website there. I've got the business cards & everything now.

banaf5h3h is doing good, I think.

Now I wish my mother was.


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