Thursday, February 16, 2006


TheBesu has got to be the most clever person I know.
Before I get into that, I'll share something I made for him.
I've written his epitaph for his tombstone when he dies.

"Here Lies Besu
Now The Ladies Will Just Have To Settle For You"

And now for something completely different:

So we're in the car, listening to Avenue Q (which is practically all I listen to these days, although I did switch to Big River (sacrelige!) just to hear something different today) and it gets to the part where Nicky's homeless and asks Princeton for change... alright, for those of you who don't know:

Help the homeless!
Help the homeless!
Ooh! Hey Princeton!

Give me a quarter!
Here in my hat!
Come on, Princeton!
It’s as easy as that!
Helping others brings you
Closer to God.
So give me a quarter...

I don’t have any change.


Give me a dollar.

That’s not what I meant.

Give me a five.

Are you kidding?

The more you give.
The more you get.
That’s being alive!
All I’m asking you
Is to do what
Jesus Christ would do.
He’d give me a quarter,
Why don’t you?

And because I'm vice-president of OverAnalyzing Not-So Anonymous (there has GOT to be someone out there who over-analyzes more than me. Anyone? Shit...) I stopped the cd in the car & said "Hang on, that's not what Jesus Christ would do. According to the Bible, he cured the blind man who was begging. So, if you're begging, Jesus would fix the source of your problem, not pay you off. The guy was blind, Jesus made him see so he didn't have to beg anymore [ edit: He also kinda took away his prime moneymaking feature so the chap didn't have a choice. /end edit ]... ANYWAYS the point is, Jesus would have given the kid a job, not a quarter. To which TheBesu replies:

"yeah, He'd have given him a job. 'In fact, I've got an opening right now; there were twelve positions, but one of them didn't work out.'"

It's not a complete quote, but that's the gist of it, and I about died when he said that. That boy has got to be the wittiest, cleverest friend I've got.

God bless 'im.

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