Saturday, February 25, 2006


So, the plan is coming together.
I knew I'd teach after I graduated, and I knew I wanted to teach in other countries.
I didn't know how, and now, I do.

*Yay* =D

In other news, I'm sitting at work today and Lance walks by and gives the biggest raspberry I've ever heard. Then when I start laughing, he says "I miss you, damnit!"

That made me stop for a split second. Thursday night, he said almost the same thing. He asked me why I'm not in this performance. Instead of telling him "because I don't want to have a blessed thing to do with the company," or "because I just can't right now" I just took it, and let him tell me how he missed me onstage. So when he hit me with that today, it's kinda like "banaf5h3h, you're supposed to be here with us. Why aren't you?"

Because I've got bigger things to do with my life.
That's why.

It was still nice, though. Somewhere, in someone's life, I've made an impact. And that always feels good.


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