Thursday, February 09, 2006

the quote of the day

comes from mom.

she's on the phone and talking to a friend who is going to a birthday party i'm attending. I asked mom to ask her (while she was on the phone) if she was going to said party, and she said yes, so mom said, "good, so she'll have someone to talk to there. not too many people (implying one person) like banaf5h3h."

then mom made a point of saying that i was invited by the party whose birthday it was himself, and not by his significant other. To which the person on the other end of the line responded "that's because banafsheh's a threat".


I don't need your man. What part of happily single aren't people getting? I NEED to be single right now. I've been a serial dater since I hit puberty. I NEED THIS "ME TIME." And damn if I'm not liking it, either.

But the bigger point I guess is, why would I want a man that would never want me?
I'm not sick as all that, tenjewberrymuds.

and if you want to keep your man, you might want to start acting like you like his choice of restaurants once in a while, so he won't have to start making excuses when i raise my eyebrow after he told me you planned out the entire valentine's day thing thus allowing him no romantic creativiy, further allowing him no margin for error on what you planned a nice evenning should be. Well, he just told me the part about you planning the evening. The rest was written on his face, which he tried to clean up with excuses I said it wasn't my business to hear. I mean, it's always nice to plan something for your significant other, but the way it came across was less romance and more ultimatum

Really, I salute you. You exemplify what it is to "train a man". Bravo.

< expletive >

did i write that? I meant to write "insecure."

who am i kidding?

b, tired of people trying to make her feel like she's angelina jolie or something

ps, i had some quality aol instant messenger time with the ex boyfriend who drove me to being single. He's good. As in doing well. He actually listened to me & saw shows on Broadway. He notes the difference & gave me credit for actually knowing some shit about theater. whouldvethunkit.

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