Thursday, March 09, 2006

Make It So

I have just read the most disturbing news EVER. Beyond nuclear warfare, beyond sarvation and repression of the advancement of women in foreign countries. This tops it all.

The Powers That Be have heretofore said that while there will be another StarTrek Movie, Partick Stewart will not be reprising his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard BECAUSE HE IS TOO OLD.

William Shatner was 66 when he did Generations, Picard is 65 now. He's in way better shape and didnt even break a sweat during all those scenes that Shatner's pudgy Tiberius was huffing and puffing in as they tried to divert the Nexus.

Now, the argument is that even though he's 65 now, by the time they got around to shooting anything, he'd be 70.


1. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.
2. Make it so.
3. Engage.

I mean, they can even bring him back as an admiral or something... This is total age discrimination. Another rumor was that he's not coming back because he didn't want to do Picard unless they were paying him Professor X wages. I mean, here's this man, sitting in a chair, having stuff fly at him and explode around him all the time. How different is that scenario really, than if the Enterprise was being attacked by Ferengis, Klingons, Romulans and the Borg all at once? He'd still be sitting in a chair, having stuff fly at him and explode around him.

They're talking about making the movie with an entirely new cast. While I applaud my chance to be in a movie (I'd look good as a Klingon, I swear... I can be Lursa and Be'toor's long lost sister, out to avenge their deaths... I look good in leather! I swear!) I mean... you're out to market a film based on a television series... without the television series to help you promote it... Unless you're gonna make a DS-9 or Voyager movie... I mean... c'mon here! Besides, they're acting like they can do without Picard! Correct me if I'm wrong, but did anyone go see the TNG movies because of Jonathan Frakes? No? Didn't think so!


Okay, so he'll be 70. He'd be the hottest 70 year old in movies right now. Okay... Sean Connery is 76... so there'd be a tie for sexiest 70year old man.


SEAN CONNERY was born in 1930... one year before Tiberius... and he made The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and Women) in 2003, which makes him 73!!

I am *so* pumped up about this right now. I'm almost pissed enough to write a letter!


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