Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This morning, at approximately 10 am, a man walks in to my job with a beautiful bouquet of Stargazer Lillies and a teddy bear.

"Wallace!" he says.

"Huh?" I ask, thoroughly confused.

They're for me.

What the???

They're beautiful. And of course everyone wanted to know who they were from, so I got all sorts of comments like "ooh, keep this one" (meaning whoever sent them) and "ooh, a secret admirer!" and "whoever he is, is he handsome?"

I have a not-so-secret admirer.
He makes me blush.
The bouquet makes me cheese like crazy. I love stargazer lillies... He paid attention... He listens to the little things I say and acts on them...

I think he actually might like me.



Paris Portman said...

What is it about flowers that turns women into mush?
Even one flower. Any flower, it's just better than anything.
What is it?

I want some damn flowers.

b said...

email me your address, I'll send you some.