Thursday, January 31, 2008

okay, okay. and she didn't have to throw soda at me.

me: he hand picked them in the florist shop
and had three drafts at the card
Ritah: awww
me: i know, ritah i'm just scared
Ritah: this is harsh
but if you're scared
it won't work.trepidation is healthy, but being chicken won't work
so cut that shit out cause im team bear and team bear is trying really hard to win so dont be the shitty ref that is making lame calls for penalties that don't exist
he likes you.and he's going about it the right way
he's not being a stalker, he's wooing you. he's such a sweetheart. let's trade
me: you're the second person to say that he's wooing me
Ritah: theres a formal word
but i dont want to use it cause it sounds more serious than it is
be happy!
this one dude gave my friend a PICTURE of her favourite flowers

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