Monday, January 28, 2008

Because that's not passive-aggressive at ALL.

I get home today and this is what greets me on my screen. An im which reads:

how are you
u there?
ok, guess not
you may have noticed that I don't have you on my gmail list at the moment
I wanted to tell you
that that's nothing personal, I just find you sort of distracting
not the bad kind of distracting
but it seemed that maybe we made some positive motion and I wouldn't want to damage that
I wouldn't want you to be mad at me or thinking I was being passive aggressive or anything
sry if it came off like that

I think this person needs assistance. Assistance I cannot give. The answer certainly does not lie with me, nor am I qualified or certified in the proper fields in order to provide the aid that this particular soul so desperately needs.

Friend, if you are reading this, please never contact me again. To begin, the very fact that you contacted me on one particular message form to tell me that you'd deleted me from another is beyond words.

Next, I would have no idea that you'd deleted me, nor do I care. You merely would not have shown up on my chat function. Which, had I cared, I might have made the deduction that you were not online. As it is, I did not notice, or make mention of it. So no, I did most certainly not notice something I would not have been privy to.

And then, to suggest that our friendship was moving in a positive direction, only to halt the reconstruction process...

I am not the answer. I cannot help you. Your own friends cannot help you. Seek professional guidance.

Yes. This one is about you.


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