Tuesday, January 22, 2008

denial isn't just a river in egypt.

okay. so it would seem that big B is right. There are some guys trying to take his place. Or, so it would seem.

There. I said it.


One, whom I'll dub "The President," asked me if I wanted to see a hockey game, if he could find an extra ticket would I come... and I said I would have loved to go but I couldn't b/c of my kids. Then I asked CJ, "was he asking me out on a date?" then CJ went and asked the president if he was asking me and i was all i can't believe you just asked him and he was all what if you wanna know, then you have to ask him and then the PRESIDENT was like i mean it wasnt a date date but like i can ask you on a date and i was like omg.

pause. flick hair.

Then he sent me a txt asking me if i wanted to go skiing this saturday. Correction, he txts me "thinking bout going boarding saturday! wanna be my date?" YES i want to go skiing this saturday but I cant (again b/c of the kids) and I told him to keep me in mind for future things and he responds with "You actually have been all i can think about! So i'll definitley keep ya in mind!"

A girl needs to hear & read these things.

I met a guy a few weeks ago. No clue what I'll dub him yet. he looks like a character actor I can't put my finger on but... I dunno. We'll call him jaime. Anyways I met him once, and we kind of looked at each other. didn't speak, I gues we were just sizing each other up. Then he came and saw my kids show, turns out one of the kids is his neighbor, and then we started talking and turns out he works for the Baha'i radio station, so we now have people in common. He doesn't speak farsi, but he's working on it, which is just sweet. Anyways, before we got pulled apart by kids and parents, he invited me to see his photography exhibit in baltimore.

I'm so there.

So, there you have it. Two more to the list.

In other news, I have no idea what's going on with B&W. I dunno. I just... If I had my choice of people to be tied down to, he'd be on the list. Top numbers on the list. But I'm not sure if being tied down is the best thing for me at the immediate moment. I'm scared people will start giving us labels or something, and I'm not ready for labels. I'm ready for one blissful day at a time.

Like my horoscope said that I'd be making some serious growth changes this year, and a friend of mine called me and asked me if I'd go with him as his guest & sit in & participate in some life changing talks and stuff. So I'm going to go do that this saturday.


Everything's coming up roses.


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