Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When cats get their own TV shows.


It's true. Cats now have their own reality tv series airing on the Animal Planet. They took 10 orphaned cats and stuck them in this high end apartment on Madison Avenue, like The Real World, but then they have them taking tests like in Survivor, and the winner gets an endorsement deal with Purina or something, like in The Apprentice.

I mean, I'm all for animals & stuff, but there are people starving in the world. The endorsements alone that cover the expenses... Can't we send them to some nation? or how about the homeless shelters here in the US? How about disease research? How about local public schools?

Don't call me a cat hater. I have a cat. I have a hilarious cat. I love my cat. But this, this is taking it too far. This is an example of an acute displacement of wealth in America. We have so much of it now, we can fund ten cats? And not just anywhere, but Madison Avenue in NYC? Isn't NYC the city where the teacher created the assistance program 'cause he had no supplies? I'd be furious to know that my students come to school every day missing paper, or pencils, or that I don't have a projector because my class can't aford one, or they're cutting back arts programs in favor of math and science because we all know that music and drawing have nothing to do with math. Fractions have nothing to do with scales. Nothing.

God, this kind of shishi crap just IRRITATES ME. Here's an idea, let's take all that money, from the endorsements, from the airtime, from the hotel or apartment... let's put it back INTO something. Give it to the SCPCA and have them have a spay & neuter festival or something. PUT IT BACK, damnit, Animal Planet. Use it for a special on domesticated animals, if you have to use cats... but seriously. This kind of show is insulting.



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