Wednesday, June 28, 2006

but the fing is

so remember the weird feeling I had that I'd just attributed to 500 calories a day?
Turns out it's a symptom...

of bronchitis. Not eating, fever... etc. So today I was diagnosed with the lung-battling beastly bacteria... only I've got the virus so I contracted the vicious virulent no good very bad bacteria.

fing is, every one was dropping out (and by everyone, I mean two people)... but these people are two of the three most important people of my life... the other one was like YOU ARE GOING NO MATTER WHAT...

keeping my spirits up and stuff...

turns out it was meant to be, cause had I gone, as I'm sure God knew I would have (and am still stubbornly contemplating... I could be better by Saturday! You don't know!) I'd probably be in much more of a world of hurt than I am now... home... off from work until after the holiday... "resting".

wtf is this "resting??"

Anyways, so a sign was probably that people couldnt go so that I could actually go to the dr's and not die in the wave pool from lack of oxygen & exhaustion or something.


More posts to include: "when men lie" parts I & II!!!!

I just need to finish figuring out how to protect everyone's identity first.


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