Tuesday, June 20, 2006

7 am text messages

I got a text message this morning from VJ. It read, simply,
"Good morning"

And... I dunno... it was just so friggin sweet! I'm still... I dunno... freaked at how that whole thing started, and how I missed like, all the signs of what happened, and Yang keeps reminding me of what happened so that I can remember... but I don't... it's all a blur. I remember him walking into the office, I remember asking Yang "what is that?" and I remember thinking "omg, just don't stand next to me and don't look at me and don't talk to me." Outside of that, I don't remember much of what happened. Somehow we all started talking about the club, and what club to go to, and if I go or not, and that I don't go but was planning on going on the 30th... and somehow...

< draws blank >

Somehow I ended up with a text message at 7 am reading "good morning."

I love sweet stuff like that. Like when Chicago sends me text messages telling me he's thinking about me. I love that stuff. I eat it up. It's like candy.

It's... what's the word? Romantic. I dig romantic. It busts a grin on my face that refuses to leave. All I have to do is remember a romantic thing someone did, no matter how bad the day is, and I'll get to grinning. Sweet stuff, sweet cute stuff just gets me.

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