Friday, June 23, 2006

and yet... somehow

So, I'm going to Kings Dominion on July 01. Regardless of anything else I have to do that weekend, that is a definite. On July first, I will be making the hour-long trek from my home, caravan style, to the land of rollercoasters and wave pools. Theme park, here I come.

Prior to this event, I stressed mildly on getting a new bathing suit. The one I wanted was a white Victoria Secret bandau bikini with a floral design off-center that gets picked up again on the bikini bottom. All told, it would be 80$, before shipping. Then I went to buy it, and the top was backordered till the 2nd, and the bottom until August, neither of which helps me in anyway. Then I saw a really nice blue rutched skirt bandau bikini at macy's (.com), and that was about 60$. So we're going the right way, pricewise... anyways last Friday, Yang & I went shopping at Target, and I ended up with a green triangle top bikini with a belted bottom. It's very James Bond. I'm deathly afraid of the traingle/halter top... cause... well... I'm flat chested, and those only make me look more flat. I got one from the Gap (.com) last year because the model wearing it was flat and I thought "hey, she's small, it'll look like that on me! Great!"

Not so much. So I wore it once to go swimming, like an idiot, and now I can't return it. So it lives in my drawer, with the other suits I won't wear, and I became very weary of the halter. I figured I'd be good with the bandau. Cuts straight across, no worry about what the cleavage looks like.

Oh well.

So then I'm looking in the mirror thinking, "ugh, my god... it looks bad" and thanking goodness that I hadn't waited until just then to start my regiment of working out. Now we get to the point of the post.

In addition to working out, I decided to drop from a 2k calorie diet to a 1500 calorie diet just to help out with the fat burning a little. Only thing is, for the past few days I'd been feeling weird, which I'd just attributed to the heat, my crazy headaches when it's about to rain, and the fact that the threat of rain has been omnipresent for a long time, with thunderstorms happening at on a regular basis now.

Sidenote: Storm all you want now. I'd better have clear skies on July 01. Get it all out the way now, bitches.

Anyways... this morning it occured to me that I haven't had dinner for practically a week. Therefore I've blown my dietary restrictions by 1k... if you consider the 150 calories I have with my yogurt for breakfast, and the 270 calorie lunch I had... At most I've been consuming 500 calories a day. If I had a smoothie, the most I've had were 1200 calories... but even then, it's only a day. I've been doing this for about three weeks.

So yeah, at most I've had about 5-700 calories per day for about three weeks.

That's not good. At all. No wonder my body's screwed up.

But, how come I've only lost 5 lbs?!

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