Saturday, February 02, 2008

just like that, i'm cured.

me: it's spelled "ritah"
Foster: I'll update my spellcheck
regardless, she's dead on
all your blogs are screaming "look how wonderful he is? tell me its ok to love him because i can't do it myself!"
me: yeah
that's pretty much it
i need to give myself permission
Foster: and given your historyand incapablity to do so
sabotaging relationships
this is all too familiar
you need a process
me: process like what
Foster: the therapy I was talking about
I can't tell how good its been for me
and its especially good at this kind of stuff
it works like this,(this will sound a little hippy-new-age but its really not)when you have a strong emotional experience (esp a painful one)
its easy to let the feelings get 'stuck' inside you
they dont' pass through
and the memory festers
and causes all kinds of problems
processing uses visualization skills to unlock the memory and let the emotions flow out
if I had to guess, I would say that Brent hurt you so badly that the memory is eating you away, and affecting how you deal with relationshps to this day
processing would fix that
in one session

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Paris Portman said...

I spelled it Rita for the longest time to irritate her until she tackled me once.

It's good to have friends to talk sense into you, because even if you know what makes sense and what doesn't, it's good to see backup so you don't think you're totally off your face.