Thursday, August 10, 2006

it's time to accept it.

I'm either lactose intolerant, or I'm allergic to anything with "lean" in the title.

Every time I eat a leanpocket, I get sick.



Chris said...

Crispy, crusty, tender flaky crust or not... I don't think it's the cheese making you sick.

Have you seen the ad where the kid tells his mom "the coach told me to eat something healthy before every game... and it's in 15 minutes!"?

And ma dukes pulls out a box of Hot Pockets. Because it has 3 essential vitamins and minerals or some shit.

I'll see that kid throwing up on the sidelines at halftime.

b said...

Good to know. Fing is, it doesn't happen when I eat the regular pizza ones.

Something's up.


b said...

And WHAT MOTHER WOULD GIVE THAT TO HER CHILD? "HEALTY" means FRUITS & VEGETABLES! Organic foods! of the Earth! Give that boy a banana, peach or an apple and call it a day! Why stick chemicals in your kid before a game requiring him to exert himself?

And speaking of moms giving kids food before games, who do you think gets paid more for the soup commercial? Donovan McNab, or his mom?