Monday, October 30, 2006

You've been Slammed

When I think of "Slam Poetry," I think of emcees battling, rhythms and rhymes spat out with precision; Meters and metaphors capturing my attention, transporting me to a world or idea or perspective heretofore unrealized.

That said, what was that?

When I'm around good poetry, it inspires me. I wasn't really inspired, except by two people. Which I guess is good, but I mean... I dunno, maybe it was me. the slams I've heard are by these phenomenal folks who twist words and meter in ways I didn't even know you could. They leave me thinking, "there's no way I'll ever do that" and then run home to try before the spirit leaves me.

Or maybe my emotional well is dry. Maybe the part of my soul I'm supposed to tap into to get the words is so parched that my pen writes in the sand of my emotions and my tears wash the thoughts away.

Maybe one day they'll make a drug that allows me to sift my thoughts and focus on one clear thought until it's down and out.

Maybe I'll go back and be blown away.



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