Monday, October 24, 2005

notawkward: mind if I ask a wierd question?
me: sure
me: i reserve the right to not answer
notawkward: of course, but this is an easy one. I was just wondering if you where surprised that your presence is missed in the artistic community. It sounded like surprise to me, but that might just be the internet
me: i was/ am surprised, yes
me: life goes on, ya know? didnt think anyone noticed me gone
notawkward: ah, then may allow me to make an observation, I wonder if you sometimes sell yourself short to yourself at least
me: i'm game, go on, you've got my attention
notawkward: oh, I just remember first thinking that from one of your other posts, and it seems to me that no matter what the emotional self feels like thinking, it's important that at least the inteelectual self recognize our value. The emotional self will catch up eventually. That's my theory at least
me: =)
me: then my intellectual self is alone and focused
me: my emotional self is paralysed
me: i'm strangely okay with the arrangement
notawkward: yeah, I know that feeling well. I figure the emotional self catches up eventually.
notawkward: well that was my random moment of lucidness for the week, I'm going to bed
me: haha
me: thanks
me: notawkward, you know, it means alot to me.

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