Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Of course he did

Of course he waits until the day after I say he's not coming back and muster all my courage to ATTEMPT to move on to contact me.

Of course he does.

Of course he has a completely civil conversation and tells me he's coming down with a cold.

Of course he does.

Of course he's coming to my job, on the weekend I have to work a show, which I purposefully did NOT work the first weekend for this very reason. Of course he's coming this weekend. The weekend I'm working. And bringing someone I used t ocare very much about until my ex told me the other side to the story and all my notions and love for this friend came crashing down in a few of the worst weeks of my life.

Of course he is.

Of course, now I have to see the both of them, together, and put on a smile which will guard and mask how I truly feel.

Of course I do.

Of course, I will be gorgeous, and hospitable and fabulous.


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