Tuesday, May 06, 2008

a poem i wrote last night...

four letter words

love is a four letter word like
shit is and
shit is what you get when
they really want to
fuck you so they
fuck with you until you
feel like
and it's all in the
name of love

see I
love like
doused with alcohol and gasoline and fed dry crisp wood
smother me I dare you for if not
I will consume you
love I love anyway no I will not
fuck you but fuck
with me and I won't know the difference
cause I can't see through
Not his shit not your shit not the shit of the man whose spot you're standing in not the new shit the kids are slinging these days not old shit not young shit not foreign not homegrown. But
tell me you love me and that shit
sure sounds good to me but
how is it that though
I won't fuck you I somehow
get fucked over by you
is that love or is that the
same old shit
I have been conditioned
to accept shit for love
lesson learned
fuck. shit. love.


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