Saturday, March 29, 2008

Male Candy and What Kind of Whipped Are You?

There's a teacher at the school who refers to candy as female and male.
Male candy contains nuts.

There was a discussion yesterday about certain... shall we say... relations... regarding men and women. That inspired another teacher (the quorum was made of females) to speak up regarding the two types of "whipped" that exist in women:

Women who Pussy Whip
and Women who have been Dick Whipped.

She urged us all to Pussy Whip our men. In doing so, you never have to worry about him stepping out on you. She noted that women who have issues and drama, it is usually because they've been Dick Whipped, and are worried because they don't know where they stand.

Now, I've imparted this wisdom upon you. Take it and do with it what you like.


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