Sunday, April 16, 2006

the weird thing and the interesting thing

I had a convo with OhioH about dads... we compared notes and I dunno... I told him about how I used to feel about my dad... and how we both pretty much leave well enough alone...

and then today,

the man calls me. His birthday's tomorrow. He wants me to come over with his pals, and watch his pictures of his trip to Egypt to see the eclipse on his HDTV.

But that happened after the interesting thing.

the interesting thing was when i was in the car with MSI, and OhioH came up because she saw his myspace picture & thought he was cute, and when I told her that he's not clingy and he's independent and we don't talk that much, and I told her the contrast between him and his roommate (who I talk to on a regular basis) that she hit me with "that's good!"

i was like what?

"that's good, you need that."

and i stepped back and realized that she's right. I do need that. That someone who gives me my space, and isnt everywhere all the time, keeping me from what needs to get done, crying to me about their problems and stuff. That said, don't be too distant, but still... she's right. And i look around and there are two people who lean on me too much. the others are balanced, but still... i still have those two, so maybe it's pulling me out of my habit to be attracted to unhealthy relationships.

normally, it's "themthemthemthemthemthemthemthem" and i find myself putting my life aside for them. not doing work, or not writing a paper, because i'll put their needs above my own.

But because I'm used to that, I'm not sure how to handle distant people.
But whatever. It all turns out alright in the end, right?


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