Tuesday, April 11, 2006

tuesday on the campus with besu

so today, besu and i are walking to the union, and i'm feeding him pieces of a huge rice krispie treat when it hits me,
"you know, for someone who doesn't want kids, I'm damn maternal"
"you sure are. and for someone who actually does want kids, i can't stand the little bastards"

so it's funny... everything I did today at the union with him, i realized i was being motherly. the whole day long... even when they passed around kids school fundraiser stuff, and i bought a bucket of cookie dough so I could make OhioH cookies when I get there.


anyways... so then we're at the library, getting a print card when I realized that besu had earlier, when I mentioned i missed getting flowers, picked several blossoms off the tree and handed them to me when he saw me... so now i'm walking around campus with a slowly deteriorating bouquet of pastel blossoms having all these girls hate on me, and it hits me, so I say,

"you know, you're making it hard for all the other guys"
"that's the plan. Well, if it makes you feel any better, you're making it hard for all the other girls."
"not really."

OhioH called again.
I get butterflies when he does that.
Is that bad?

But then he oberved that I'm usually with friends when he calls. I have friends? I HAVE FRIENDS!!



Chris said...

Mental note: pick girls flowers.

b said...

Most definetly! I'm definetly a flowers girl. Now, "I sent you these simply as a means to an end" won't get you anywhere... but random "just for you" or "just because" or "I'm sorry..." those get you *everywhere.*