Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the certified sadistic Disney loving dominatrix is actually a romantic

Friend: you there?
me: yes
me: =)
me: sup?
Friend: this really cute girl came into staples
me: AWW!
me: good job!
Friend: and she was all talkative and upbeat
Friend: and I was.....pretty quiet.....
Friend: I kept thinking:
Friend: "man, if I had game, I could totally impress her"
me: ...
me: this is where i stay silent and let you continue, right?
Friend: /shrug
me: go on
Friend: I'm leaving the country soon so stuff like this takes a back seat
me: no
me: then you'll get there and be like
me: i'm such the man! they like me
me: oh they only like me cause i'm new
me: man they dont like me at all cause i'm american
me: your insecurities do not stay behind. you take all sorts of baggage with you
me: look
me: for the final time
me: it's not IF you had game
me: you HAVE GAME
me: you just have to find a person who is playing the same game you are
Friend: k
Friend: something else,
Friend: were you online last night?
me: not for the whole night but for much of it
me: one solid chunk from 11-2
me: 11ish
me: 12-2
me: but i left my im up by accident
Friend: yesterday was the worst work day I've had in years
me: aww
me: how come
Friend: messed up a job
Friend: took 4 people the whole day to fix it
me: damn
Friend: manager had a fit
Friend: anyway
Friend: I was rip shit
Friend: all day
me: rip shit?
Friend: = annoyed
Friend: severely
me: awww
Friend: I came home
Friend: and
Friend: you were online (maybe)
Friend: and I looked at your name...
Friend: and just.....couldn't think of anything to say
Friend: so I didn't
me: awwwww
me: maybe it's cause i was in the middle of writing a term paper i haven't finished yet and wouldnt have been table to talk if you did
Friend: this is contradictory to my usual behavior
Friend: maybe
Friend: just wondering what it means
Friend: has my mind been altered
me: =)
me: maybe
me: so what stopped you?
me: tired of complaining to me?
Friend: um....
me: realizing your problems, while unique to you, may not be large to someone else?
Friend: maybe
me: that's growth
Friend: I was pretty sure there wasn't much you could do about them
Friend: I was pretty sure you're sick of hearing me bitch about stuff
Friend: but
Friend: often while all this is rather futile, friends like you have a way of easing them
Friend: if just emotionally
me: aww
me: even me? i thought i was mean
Friend: yes
Friend: you are
Friend: but you have your moments
me: even me?
me: damn
Friend: sometimes I think youre a certified sadistic dominatrix
Friend: others....not so much
Friend: you have a romantic streak
Friend: that you might be trying to suppress
Friend: but secretly, you miss it
Friend: you wish the world was more like Disney
Friend: mais, c'est la vie

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