Sunday, June 29, 2008

but i'm not sad one bit

I'm addicted to the following shows:
platinum weddings.

Bridezillas makes me laugh and cringe.
Platinum Weddings makes be believe in romance.

Somewhere lies the reality.

I'm terrified of marriage. Everything I see tells me it's possible to make a mistake. I watched the end of the Wedding Singer... I still haven't seen the whole flick...

This post is discombobulated but oh well.

I had my coffee read, and apparently I've already met my future husband.

I've started writing again.

I've started to not rely on my friends being there. I think I might put too much pressure on my friends to be there for me, and I realise that they might not really be there for me at all, so I've pretty much given everyone a free pass out. Those who want to stay have stayed. Everyone else it's like... it wasn't meant to be or maybe they've fulfilled their purpose.

This is tricky because I'm also learning not to boil my friend options down. I pretty much have one social circle. But I'm learning that it's okay to not only have friends outside of that, but also to engage and hang out with those other people on a regular basis.

The catch is knowing who is worth the time and who isn't.

I'm too damn picky.

It's funny; I'm picky with my friends but not picky with my men. I have zero standards when it comes to men... you just have to like me. It's not from desperation... it's from not wanting to be wrong. Like... what if true love was in the [insert string of adjectives here] that I passed on? You never know what form love will take.

So I've been writing and reflecting alot. Anything else you should know? Reconnecting with some people, not forcing some friendships, forging some new ones.

and thinking of all the people who are taller than me that I know.

bwa. haha. ha. hahaha.


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